100% Human Remy Hair

I only use the finest quality 100% double drawn Remy human hair. You can choose from grade 4A Indian hair which has the cuticle layer still intact, it is soft and strong.  Grade 5A Russian/Mongolian hair is the ultimate in luxury, each strand is tipped with Italian keratin and laid in the same direction to avoid matting.
By offering different origins and quality there is hair to suit a wide range of hair textures and budgets.  A variety of different colours can be applied to create a high/low-lighted effect, ombre and rooted also available.


All clients will need a  free consultation before booking any of the below services, this will establish which method is best for you, your hair and lifestyle. Sometimes a bespoke mix of 2 methods can be used. Deposit is required before booking your first fitting.

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Micro rings

Micro ring application do not require any heat or harsh chemicals to attach the extensions, making it the kindest method available. The hair is attached using lightweight metal rings. These tiny rings come in a range of colours to match your hair colour. This application method enables you to wash, blow-dry and style your hair in the normal way and are easily removed without using any harsh chemicals. They need to be re-applied every 8-12 weeks, depending on hair used they can worn from 3-12 months with correct aftercare.

Ultra tips

These revolutionary new, re-usable hair extensions are applied the same way as micro rings. They lie completely flat on to the head and due to the fan shape of the bond it creates fantastic coverage. Great for fine hair. They can be removed and re-applied every 8-12 weeks. With the correct aftercare the same hair can be worn for up to 12 months.

Nano rings

Nano tips extensions are  attached with a metal ring onto a silicone tip. The nano ring is the tiniest of all of the rings.Great for fine hair and clients who like to wear their hair up.
Maintenance is required every 8-12 weeks. Depending on the quality of hair chosen it can last up to 12 months with the correct aftercare.

keratin bonds

 Pre-bonded k-tips application involves attaching the hair via a durable Italian keratin bond. The keratin, which is a natural product found in hair, is gently warmed with a small heat applicator then moulded around a small section of hair. The result is an almost translucent bond which is virtually undetectable. Last 10-14 weeks.

Tapes and injection tapes.

Tape extension are the quickest method to apply and remove. They are completely flat, at about an inch wide and are fitted in pairs with the clients hair sandwiched in between. Injection tapes mimic the root and hair growth making them incredibly discreet. They will need to be removed re-taped and re-applied every 4-8 weeks. With the correct aftercare hair can be re-used several times. Suitable for most hair types including fine.

LA Weaves and Invisible Weaves

Weaves are a long weft of hair that are sewn on to a track of micro-rings. They are great for thick hair but can also be worn by clients with finer hair when using the invisible method. The result is a glamorous, full head of hair. The weaves will need re-positioning every 8-10 week, hair can be used for up to 12 months depending on hair used and aftercare guidelines being followed.