Looking after your extensions

Hair extensions need time and attention spent on them, they are not low maintenance. To get the most from your extensions the following guidelines should be followed:
Always use an extension brush. Hold on or below connections and gently brush starting at ends and working towards root, this should be done at least twice a day. The extensions should be gently separated from each other to avoid matting.
Always use the recommended silicone and protein free shampoo and conditioner. Hair should be washed with the head tilted back under the shower, never over the bath. Brush thoroughly first, apply shampoo to root area and gently massage scalp without putting strain on connections, squeeze shampoo through to the ends without rubbing. Rinse thoroughly, apply conditioner to mid lengths and ends avoiding connection, comb then rinse. Pat dry and squeeze out excess water, never pile wet hair on top of head or leave to dry under a towel.  An additional detangler and/or oil are recommended. Wash hair regularly to avoid oils building up and softening bonds. Never tie up or plait wet hair extensions, also never go to bed whilst they are still wet- this will cause severe matting and tangling.
Brush hair and loosely plait.
Tie hair into a high bun using a scrunchie; avoid using a swimming cap as these may cause matting. After swimming wash hair immediately, chlorine can discolour the hair and harden bonds making them harder to remove resulting in possible damage to your natural hair.
When you are in direct sunlight or on a sunbed it is advisable to wear a hat. Warm climates and saunas can soften bonds reducing the life of your extensions.
Hair extensions bonds should be dried using the cool setting of the hairdryer, leaving the bonds wet or damp can cause the keratin to soften reducing the life of your extensions. Never backcomb hair extensions and avoid Velcro rollers as these can matt the extension hair. Heated appliances and normal styling products can be used but should be kept away from the connections.
Colouring the extension hair is not recommended, however a qualified colour technician can touch up your roots avoiding connections. Colouring products can harden the keratin making them harder to remove, any residue of product left under the rings will result in over processing leading to possible breakage of the natural hair.
The following can cause discolouration of your hair extensions- water mineral content, chlorine, sea water, uv rays, fake tans, and some body lotions, perfumes, shampoos, conditions, oils with a pigment. This is is not a fault of the hair and can be resolved, please contact me if this occurs and so I can guide you through the process of restoring your colour.
This should be carried out every 4-12 weeks.
To avoid damaging your natural hair, extensions should only be removed by a hair extension expert within 4- 12 (depending on application method) of fitting.

From time to time you may lose an extension or a small amount of shedding may occur, this is ok. However, excessive shedding could be due to your shampoo breaking down the keratin bonds or you maybe brushing too hard.
Matting and tangling is due to poor aftercare, this could result in damage to your natural hair and increase charge for removal. Please treat your extensions with TLC.